What is Fresher*?

Fresher* is a simple yet powerful content management system (CMS) that lets you keep your Web site fresh and always up to date without blowing a hole in your budget. It can even let you make money if that’s your goal.

What do I get?

Why should I use it?

How is it different?

Most systems on the market today are restrictive and require expensive technical integration. Fresher* on the other hand puts simplicity and affordability first. It uniquely combines a complete application programming interface (API) with an easy to use administrative interface in a way that doesn't impose any functional or design restrictions. Fresher* is the perfect solution for many types of productions from media portals to online businesses and not for profits. Best of all, it is future proofed to help you evolve with ever-changing technologies.

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How much is it?

Setup is free. Hosting and usage fees as low as $80.00/mo.

Fresher* Verticals

We may already have something that can kick start your project. Fresher* Verticals are pre-built templates and structures for specific industries. Check out what we've got...

How do I get started?

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